Thursday, February 6, 2014

A New Brand of Feminism?

Every time I think of feminists, I picture women angrily throwing their bras out the window and campaigning for their right to be miserable in a cubicle all day long just like men. Really, as a woman I find it utterly ridiculous. No real, down to earth woman wants to be a man-hating, childless, loose-legged business woman her whole life. 

Ok, maybe some of them do, but not me. No way!

And, to make matters worse, we're being blasted by society from all sides that being super thin is very important to be beautiful and attractive. Yet the level of thin, flawless skin, and beautiful bright eyes and white teeth is not achievable when half of it is Photoshopped! Would you say the girl above is attractive?! I think not, I think she needs to eat something fattening. Yet that is what we are being told that we need to be in order to be relevant.

Anyone who knows me will say I'm a major dork. I take that as a loving compliment compared to what I could be called. I love to love, to laugh (a lot of the time at myself), to be done up some days and in sweats the next, to go out and conquer the world and then just sit at home in pjs and curl up with a good book and some ice cream.

And, until more recently, I thought I was alone.

There was no representation of women like me in the music industry, hollywood, or politics, no magazines featuring real, down to earth women and their real lives. But now I've noticed a big push for that sense of authenticity, almost like society has become so fake and so shallow that now they want the exact opposite. And I love it!

The role models I see that are authentic include Jennifer Lawrence, Miranda Lambert, and Sarah Palin, to name a few of the top ones. Jennifer is goofy, dorky, loves food, loves her body, and has a genuine laugh that shoots her to the top of the awesome women list. Miranda Lambert is proud of her body and isn't afraid to be her wild and crazy self on stage or in interviews. And Sarah Palin is unlike the current female politicians, who would faint at the idea of hunting a bear or going fishing.

And what makes these women even more awesome is the fact that they don't need to pretend to hate men in order to be strong and beautiful. Jennifer is engaged and Miranda and Sarah are happily married, and stand by their men unashamedly while still being their own unique selves. In fact, I'm sure anyone who has to take care of a husband or kids knows that they are much more strong than someone strutting around in a business suit and heels!

“I don’t care about being stick-thin. I don’t want stuff to jiggle. Really skinny actresses make me hungry—I see them and think, Honey, you need to eat! I feel my best when I’m a toned, not flabby, size 8. Women come up to me and say, ‘You’re beautiful and confident, and that makes me feel I can be, too.’”

On top of these fantastic women setting a great example for younger women all over the country, there are add campaigns popping up about being a "real" woman. Here are some of the more recent ones:

Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" ads feature women with every different body, skin, and hair type.

American Eagle has a new campaign out stating that they won't airbrush or photoshop their female underwear models anymore.

 And some magazine covers have featured women with un-retouched faces, cellulite,  greys in their hair, and all the other things that the media normally tells women they can't have.

This is definitely the beginning of a new era for women, where they can be strong, beautiful, real, happy, work all day or stay at home, be classy or be a dork, and don't have to be a man-hater. Granted I know there will be (and are everyday) attacks on these women trying to put them back into line, but I think it's to the point where whoever thought they were in control of our image is slowly losing it, one real woman at a time.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Low Carb Options When Dining Out

Even though we've been trying to save money by shopping once per month and cooking at home as often as possible, we like to take a break on the weekend and just eat out one of the days. It was easy before I started trying to cut out carbs and sugars, but now it's challenging to figure out what our options are at the places we go to the most.

So I thought for my use and yours as well I would put together a list of some common fast food places and their low carb options. If you're looking for low-fat, I don't do that here so you'll be pretty disappointed. Don't take it personally :P

-Grilled Chicken Sandwich, no bun: 7g carbs
-Grilled Chicken Club, no bun: 4g carbs
-Any of the Burgers without the bun: around 3g carbs
-Spicy Caesar Salad, no croutons, trade the spicy chicken for grilled: 10g carbs
-Cobb Salad, with grilled chicken, no croutons, and choose between either caesar or ranch dressing (the other vinaigrette dressings have upwards of 15g of carbs per packet! yikes) 14g carbs
-Small Cup of Chili: 14g carbs

-Chargrilled chicken sandwich (all the fixings/sauce, no bun): 6g carbs
-Regular chicken sandwich (no bun): 14g carbs
-Grilled Chicken Salads: around 15g carbs (watch out for the vinagerettes, they run around 20g per packet!)

-A salad bowl with any kind of meat, cheese, and dressing (leave out the rice here, but add whatever veggies you want!): 15g carbs (and you can order double meat...around 70g protein! woo)

Penn Station:
(This is really only an option if you're already having a good day and have some carbs to spare, otherwise I would stay away from this one. Unless you ask for literally just meat, cheese, and veggies, no bread, but then it's not a sandwich. )

-8 inch cheesesteak, mayo, meat, cheese, half the bread: 28g carbs

KFC, Popeye's, and Lee's Chicken:
-This one is pretty obvious...get grilled chicken, or tear the skin off the regular chicken and give it to a hungry husband! Without the breading, the fried chicken comes in at 2g carbs per breast, and the grilled chicken is obviously 0g

Skyline or Goldstar Chili: 
-Coney/CHili bowl: 8g carbs

Pizza Places (Larosas, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Richard's, etc):
-There are really no good options here with pizza...half of pizza is bread, and that's sadly just how it is. Not to mention their sauces are loaded with sugar! The only good option at these places are the:
-bone in chicken wings: around 2g carbs per wing IF they have sauce. Plain or with a dry rub they come in at 1g

Buffalo Wild Wings:
-traditional (bone in) wings: 2g carbs w/sauce, 1g carb w/rub

Frisch's Big Boy:
-Sandwiches without the bun will run at around 5g carbs (burgers and grilled chicken)
-crispy white fish: 6g carbs

Breakfast Places of any Kind:
-This one's pretty easy as well...avoid hashbrowns, biscuits, gravies, pancakes, waffles, etc, and go for eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, etc

Most Sit Down Restaurants: 
-No specific counts for this one as there are so many choices, but opt for non-breaded steak, chicken, fish, pork, or shrimp, and choose sides such as fresh veggies or a side salad instead of fries or pastas.

Well, I'd say that's plenty of choices for eating out and still trying to stick to low carb/low sugar options. See, eating low carb can be tasty, right? right?

I miss cake already.

Anyway....if you have any restaurants that have good low carb options that I missed, please feel free to let me know!