Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Funniest Cat and Dog You Ever Did See!

There's something about being a pet owner that can't be described.

It's just so rewarding, especially when you rescue animals from a shelter. People claim that animals don't really have the ability to be thankful, but I beg to differ when I look at my rescued cat and puppy who are two of the most loyal animals a girl could have.

Oh! I haven't introduced them yet!

Let's fix this...

This is Reese. She is a beautiful calico, rescued from a Petsmart when she was 2.5yrs old. She's now almost 4, but you wouldn't guess it by how rambunctious and playful she is! She loves tuna, and when you talk on the phone or yell she gets in your face until you stop and pay attention to her. She's my baby, and boy do I love her like crazy.

And just today we found out she has a boyfriend...kitty prints in the snow going up to the window where she sits were the proof! They are window lovers...ha! Cute.

My other fur baby is Bandit. He is also a Petsmart rescue that we got when he was around 11 weeks old. He's a boxer doxie mix (don't ask, because we have no idea how that happened), and because of that is just short enough but muscular enough to be very comical.

He burps after he drinks, chases his tail, runs into things, loves to wrestle, is kind of an idiot...I'd say he's daddy's dog for sure. 

I'll probably rant about this later, but at just 8 months old he had to have surgery on both his front legs in order to fix some major bone irregularities. Poor baby! He's almost completely healed at this point, but every day presents some new challenge or another with the healing process.

To match his goofy body, he has a really goofy personality. He is very smart, hilarious, and loyal, and we couldn't ask for a cooler pup.


You can see why I say they are something that makes my life a little sweeter!

I really wish they would be best friends, but Bandit is way too "forceful" (aka he thinks he's a tiny dog when he's really quite large) and she always ends up smacking him. But at least they coexist!

Unlike these two, Ruth and Idgie, who are the best of friends. This story was so touching! Check it out, courtesy of The Blaze.

To read about Ruth and Igie, click here! Be prepared for cuteness overload though!

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