Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Fever!

Wow! I have done a really bad job at giving you guys things to read...but I'm back! So much to talk about, I don't know where to start.

I guess I'll start with the biggest thing going on right now...spring fever! We had a few days of warm weather and sunshine, and boy did that get us excited! We had some friends and family out this weekend to help us build our very first flower beds. This poor, empty house is becoming full and pleasant, inside and out! It's come a long way already. We only have the beds right now (still too many cold risks to plant just yet) but I'll post again when we finally get some plants in here.

Here's one of the flower beds we did. I call this one the Ashley and Jill flowerbed, since we did it with no man help whatsoever (except for "that's not a perfect circle" comments...!). Makes the tree look much nicer than before, when it was taken over by some crazy unruly weeds. Oh and Pardon the sad winter grass, it won't be that way much longer.

 We're going to fill the bed probably with yellow lilies, or some other easy to plant seasonal flowers. Or tulips! If you can't tell, I'm a truly indecisive person.

Besides the new flowerbeds all around the house we now have a new front door too!! Boy does this really spruce up the entire house, inside and out! It lets in a lot more light and is really inviting without being over the top. I would highly recommend Window World for doors and windows, they have been wonderful with us through this whole process.


And the last best thing about spring fever is...getting outside! I have my 5k route all set up and am ready to roll. I may be moving slow, but at least I'm moving more than the people still on the couch! It's a lot easier to be motivated to work out when it's not 10 degrees and sleeting all week. Not to mention, Bandit makes a great walking buddy! Now that he is healed we can increase our walking distance together. It'll be great.

Yes, he is wearing a hoodie. He's cool like that.

I promise I'll post more exciting stuff. I think now that I'm out of that deep winter funk I'll have no problem sharing all the exciting things going on in our lives with y'all!


  1. That door is awesome! Looks great :)

    1. Thanks! It feels so much nicer...we've changed a lot since you've last been over!